Noosa on Weyba is a pioneer proposal – Queensland’s first approved Biodiversity Development Offset Area (BDOA) project.

The BDOA declaration means 139.5 hectares of land adjacent to Lake Weyba will be transferred free to expand Noosa National Park. The declaration strengthens the linkage between the Park and wildlife refuge and maintains the new Park parcel in perpetuity.

In return, the land owners must lodge a development application for appropriate areas within the remainder of their landholding.
(View the Master Plan » here)

Noosa on Weyba’s project team knows the needs of koalas, inside and outside proposed communities, having managed the award-winning Koala Beach community in Northern New South Wales.

State Government mapping determined 91% of the land to be transferred to National Park hosts koala bushland habitat.

A Koala Protection Plan will be embedded into the Community Title Scheme which ensures:

  • retention of identified koala habitats and planting offsets for the minor amount of disturbed zones;
  • restrictions on breeds and management of dogs and cats, with off-leash pets restricted to designated, fenced parks;
  • local road designs which slow traffic, separate koala paths from vehicles and signpost habitat zones;
  • extension of koala fencing between the community and Walter Hay Drive.

In November 2012, the Noosa on Weyba project received certification from the independent international assessment agency EC3 Earthcheck. The project was accredited as a Triple Bottom Line Sustainable Master Planned Development under Earthcheck’s Precinct Planning & Design Standard assessment module. The Earthcheck certificate confirms that the planning for Noosa on Weyba has achieved world’s best practice for environmental, social and economic standards and that this has been independently assessed and certified. Part of the Earthcheck assessment process includes reviewing the Quality of Life created by the project, which assesses not only the lifestyle that will be created for the residents of Noosa on Weyba but also the benefits the project creates for the broader local community.

The Noosa on Weyba team are thrilled to have achieved this independent certification, which is only awarded to outstanding projects that produce a better than normal outcome for the environment and the community.

Residents will contribute to koala protection

Road designs will have koala safety in mind

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